My Gurus

To start with Guru Thankamuni Kutty under whom I started my Bharatnatyam training at the age of five in Kalmandalam and continued till 10yrs.

Smt. Sharmila Biswas -- The name itself recall lots of memories. Right after Kalmandalam I joined Odissi Vision and Movement Centre (OVM) to start my training in Odissi dance under Smt. Sharmila Biswas. Sharmiladi came across much focused, passionate about dance and ambitious. Her strong influence and belief in me helped me to decide to choose dance as my career. It is through her that I realized “Dance is not a mechanical execution of techniques. It’s an expression of joy coming from the crore of the dancer’s heart”. With my rigorous training in OVM I not only became a wholesome dancer but also acquired knowledge in other aspects related to dance namely choreography, costume designing & administrative work. Her innovative ideas & choreographies left a very strong impact in my life. I had the privilege to share the stage with her performing in lead roles in her various productions.

As Sharmiladi says - "Enakshi is a sparkling dancer who never failed to stand out".

Guru Kelucharan Mahapatra -- A very fatherly figure… Guruji showered me with compassion as well as exemplified fluid techniques through strict routine dance practices. I fell in love with the Odissi dance by seeing an overwhelming performance of Guruji at Padatik in Kolkata. So I decided to learn this dance form under his tutelage. While I was in OVM I regularly attended summer workshop in Srjan in Bhubaneshwar conducted by Guruji. He was a legend who made this dance form come alive in all over the world. Watching him dancing anyone can fall in love with the Odissi dance. I joined Srjan under the direct training of Guruji and was also fortunate to share the stage with him in his dance drama as a Draupadi in ‘Kurushetra’ production.

As Guruji says - Enakshi is talented and upcoming dancer and performer and her training has infused in her sense of neat artistry and discipline. Her sincerity and devotion towards her art form has brought her recognition from both private and public sources”.

Guru Ratikanta Mahaptra -- He is an able son of Guruji, very friendly yet very strict with his training. His techniques have evolved with the time and that is manifested in his new choreographies. I too had the opportunity to learn from him. I had the privilege to share the stage with him in a production named “YATHAGAMANAM – Guru Kelucharan Mohaptra, the legacy continues…” performing as a duo with him in different places of Canada.