Ardhanarishwara (Play)
Jugmadanda Pallavi (Play)
Bhupeshwari Pallavi (Play)
Group Odissi performance (Play)
Jai Maheswara (Play)
Chitrangada Dance Drama (Play)


AcknowledgementNewspaperLocationFull Article
Mastery over laykari and sensitive abhinaya are two facets of this talented dancer" Hindustan Times Kolkata View
Enakshi's Odissi is extremely beautiful Aajkal Kolkata View
Enakshi's body movements, use of her Mudraas and her facial expressions are beyound comparision. Pratidin Kolkata View
A dancer who shows rare promise. Hindustan Times Kolkata View
Tribute to Odissi legends. Sunday Express Bhubaneshwar View
Her Dexterous footwork and supple body movements proved her mastery over the dance form. The Telegraph Kolkata View
Enakshi's dancing skills were captivating and she excelled at both nritya and abhinaya. Pulse London View
Dance of power yet full of grace. Hindustan Times Kolkata View
Young talented dancer of kolkata has impressed the audiance of Udaipur. RashtradootUdaipurView